L.A.R.B. recoil buffer tail cap


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Armament enhanced recoil buffer tail cap for mil spec AR15 recoil buffers. This is the most advanced recoil buffer cap on the market. Our unique, proprietary material and design is simple, yet extremely effective at reducing felt recoil. The tial cap features a tapered cone that’s designed to absorb recoil energy in a very quick linear deceleration motion. This in return removes the harsh, sudden abrupt hit you feel with a standard, flat faced mil spec buffer cap. What you end up with is a much softer recoil, smoother operation, faster follow up shots, less wear and tear on the rifle and an overall better quality of recoil. This is the same cap we use on the LARB recoil buffer, now available separately. Direct replacement for any mil spec AR15 recoil buffer. A very simple to install and affordable upgrade to any AR15!


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