Changing your rifle's felt recoil



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Linear Alignment Recoil Buffer (L.A.R.B.):

The Most Advanced Recoil Buffer Available. Ever.

The L.A.R.B. will immediately give you a softer, smoother and more controlled recoil.

More control. Less muzzle climb. Faster follow up shots. Less shooter fatigue. Less wear and tear.

Stay on target

Proven performance

Our Linear Alignment Recoil Buffer is an American made, Patent-Pending recoil buffer that runs in both direct impingement and piston driven AR15, M4, and M16 carbine weapon systems – regardless of whether or not you’re running rifle or pistol calibers.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Lifetime warranty.

Patent pending.

Maintenance free.

100% Stainless steel.

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The better recoil buffer for your rifle

Reduces felt recoil.

Reduces wear on internals.

Increases reliability.

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Armament, founded in 2010, is a small FFL/SOT based in Albuquerque, NM. We specialize in title 2/NFA weapons, accessories, R&D/T&E, CeraKote refinishing, custom builds, gunsmithing and training. We’ve worked with various companies and businesses within the firearm industry regarding product development and testing. We also offer consulting and Engineering services.

Mil-spec Recoil Buffer -vs- L.A.R.B. Recoil Buffer

These accelerometer graphs represent a visual reference to what the L.A.R.B. does during firing. It also verifies what the shooter feels during firing. In simple terms, running a mil spec H buffer created sharp, steep spikes during recoil, as represented in the top graph. Running the L.A.R.B in the same set up resulted in softer, rounder and less steep recoil spikes. As represented in the bottom graph. All testing was conducted using an unsuppresed, 10.5″ LMT MRP, from the standing position, factory new Federal M855 ammo, same number of rounds per test. Tests were conducted in both semi auto and full auto fire. Data acquisition using 2016 VibeSensor version 2.0.0 by Now Instruments and Software, mounted just forward of upper receiver during firing on January 17, 2017.

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