MP5 receiver


Bent and welded HK MP5 style receiver only.

Available on backorder


These tend to sell out very quickly and are almost to the point of being made per order now. We typically have a few in stock but if backordered, the build will typically take 1-5 weeks.

The Armament model “AMP5” is a pre bent and welded HK MP5 style “builder” receiver. Bent and fusion TIG welded, these come with the shell deflector and sling clip installed with rivets. The major sanding and facing of the receiver ends and magwell has been done also. These still need final fitting and wledments to your own specifications for your custom build.* The hard work is done for anyone who wants to build an MP5 style firearm, but doesn’t have a bending fixture. These are serialized and marked per ATFs requirements and will require a transfer through your local FFL. These are transferred as a “pistol receiver” to give you the most options when building. We also offer these receivers with a welded on picatinny optic rail. Pictured on the right magwell is how the receivers are marked. Unless otherwise instructed, “Cal. 9mmx19” will be marked in typical HK location on left side magwell. 


Receivers are marked with Manufacturer, manufacturer City/state, model, serial number and a small logo on the tight side magwell. Caliber is marked on left side magwell in factory HK location. The top ribs are left blank for custom text and numbers.



Final fitting and welding is required due to the tremendous amount of aftermarket and non-HK parts available for these builds. These receivers require the rear sight base, semi auto shelf, paddle mag release, rear push pin sleeve welded to complete. We use genuine German HK parts and German HK dimensions/specs for test fit and “build gages”. We test fit a German HK A2 stock, magazine and carrier on every receiver. However, there is still final tweaking needed by the end builder to fine tune and fit a final build. Some surface rust will be present. This is normal and this is how we get them and these are bare metal.



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