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L.A.R.B. H (heavy, 4oz) AR15 carbine, anti tilt recoil buffer assembly. For use in mil spec carbine length receiver extension/buffer tube only. Uses mil spec carbine length recoil spring. 100% 17-4 stainless steel, lifetime warranty. Requires hole in rear of bolt carrier to be mil spec size of 5/8″ (.625 +\- .005). Compatible with most BCG on the market. Compatible with DI and piston rifles and SBRs. We highly recommend SprinCo recoil springs when using the LARB recoil buffer. SprinCo is the only recoil spring we’ve used that match our quality control and performance. When the Armament LARB recoil buffer is paired with a SprinCo recoil spring, you have an EXTREMELY effective recoil management system. The best in the AR15/M4 shooting industry. This is something that has to be felt and shot first hand to understand what a well engineered, balanced recoil should feel like. A smoother, flatter, reduced and controlable recoil is what you feel IMMEDIATELY with the LARB recoil buffer. We offer the LARB recoil buffer and SprinCo recoil spring as a package as well. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding recoil buffers or springs.

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All of our springs are constructed from Certified Chrome Silicon wirestock to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards to withstand extreme heat and highly cyclic rate. The certification rating ensures a consistency in the parent material of 95%, which translates to repeatable consistency in performance & function. Certified Valve Quality Chrome Silicon wire is used in very high stress applications such as, NASCAR, Formula One, Moto GP & Pro Stock racing motor valve springs. It is not uncommon in some of these applications for valve springs to see 15,000,000 compression cycles in one race. It is this extraordinary capability that makes Chrome Silicon wire the obvious choice in our spring production vs. music wire or 17-7 PH used in OEM springs and by most aftermarket competitors. In addition, all of our Chrome Silicon buffer springs are heat treated, stress relieved, and dual-stage shot peened in separate post winding treatments. We also treat each spring with a proprietary, deep-penetrating, Re-Micronized (to .3 Micron particle size), inhibited, Molybdenum-Disulfide (MoS2) formulation to eliminate 90% of all mechanical wear on the spring. The combination of materials & processes result in a loss of no more than 5% in spring efficiency. The minimum anticipated duty cycles of our buffer spring designs are in excess of 1,500,000 cycles.

We take our extractor springs one step further with the addition of Cryogenic Processing. This computerized, ultra low temperature process (-320°F) increases the strength & wear life of the parent material through a change in microstructure resulting in less retained austenite and more uniformity in grain structure.
Why cryogenics for the extractor spring and not our other springs? Due to the size of the extractor spring, high stress cyclic rates and asymmetrical temperature exposure, premature wear and or shortened spring life can occur. Cryogenics effectively combats these issues giving the spring a very predictable & uniform performance within the operation of the weapon cycle.
While we really don’t know how long our extractor springs will last, round counts in excess of 200,000 ROUNDS (ongoing) are documented on a single extractor spring. We have 5-Coil Extra Power, 4-Coil Enhanced Power, and Extra Power .308 Dual Spring Sets in our comprehensive extractor spring lineup below. Neither our extractor springs, nor any other commercially available extractor springs are shot peened due to the unfeasible cost of manual labor and wire fixturing of such tiny springs in a complex process.


  • ASTM Grade A877 Certified Valve Quality Chrome Silicon Wirestock
  • Heat Treated, Stress Relieved and Dual Stage Shot-Peened post winding (Our springs really ARE shot-peened)
  • Impregnation / Plating with Re-Micronized Molybdenum Disulfide formulation
  • Hard plastic tube packaging for protected transport and easy storage
  • Optional Cryogenic Processing available upon request


  • Shortened “lock time” for faster sight recovery and platform stability
  • Consistent spring pressure throughout the duty cycle of the spring, resulting in fewer malfunctions related to spring operation. (Especially Type III malfunctions)
  • Improved & consistent cyclic operation. Spring will not change performance for many hundreds of thousands of rounds.
  • Greater resistance to heat induced performance degradation
  • Reduced cyclic rate with Enhanced or Extra Power springs and reduce / eliminate bolt bounce with optimal spring / buffer weight selection.
  • Reduced operating cost as replacement springs are not needed during the life of your upper receiver assembly. Less downtime and fewer trips to the armorer for spring replacement, in fact, this will most likely be the only buffer spring you will ever need for the duty cycle of your carbine or rifle!
  • Correct spring selection works reliably, consistently, and virtually indefinitely in all properly built and maintained AR platforms.
  • “WHITE Spring” STANDARD Power Buffer Spring. Equivalent spring load to a “fresh” Mil-Spec M4 Carbine Spring. This spring will perform reliably in any properly configured and maintained 5.56 Carbine, if you wish to maintain the performance of a “fresh” Mil-Spec load spring without concern for replacement. This is the best choice for shooters and purists that wish to maintain the performance of most factory supplied NEW Mil-Spec springs, but do not wish to be concerned with frequent replacement of same or do not have the time or inclination to seek enhanced performance options. The “WHITE” spring is recommended for 10.0″-11.0″ SBR’s with H2 Buffers, 1stGen M&P’s, older RRA’s with under 18″+ BBL’s, early generation Colt 6920 LE’s, 5.56 & 6.8 SPC 7.5″-8.5″ BBL Piston Guns with H2 Buffers, with few exceptions, most .300 AAC Platforms, longer carbine barrels using intermediate or rifle length gas, and when training with SRTA and other low power and light charged “budget” rounds. Color Coded WHITE. [EXCEPTIONS: With SBR’s which are seriously overgassed firing suppressed, (e.g. 10.3″ HK 416’s), a RED or ORANGE along with a hydraulic buffer is often used with great success.]

  • “BLUE Spring” ENHANCED Power Buffer Spring, Offers improved performance with most non-suppressed 12.5″-14.5″ SBR’s, 16″ DI Mid-Length BBLS, and all mid-length uppers with adjustable gas blocks. Best performance is usually achieved using buffers ranging from ST-2T, H2, DPMS Extra Heavy Buffer. Will run in 18″+ Length BBL RRA’S with ST-T2 Buffers. Color Coded BLUE.

  • “RED Spring” EXTRA Power Buffer Spring, Best option for 16″+ 5.56 barrels with carbine length gas system platforms with standard front sight towers and H buffers, 16″ + BBL gas piston guns, *some* suppressed shorties,and later generation Colt LE6920’s, 9mm, 6.8 SPC, 6.5 Grendel, .458 SOCOM, 450 Bushmaster, .500 Beowulf, and assorted “Thumpers” using standard 7″ depth M4 extension tubes. AR-10 Carbines (E.G. Armalite, Noveske, LMT) using deeper extension tubes and standard length carbine buffers to accommodate the longer .308 BCG also use the  “RED”Spring. Please call us to discuss successful historical “recipes” for implementation of the RED spring in .308, 6.8 SPC, etc. RIFLE length extension tube platforms. Color Coded RED. NOTE: NOT for use in .308 Carbines using standard 7″ M4 extension tubes and short, stubby buffers. (Use our “ORANGE Spring” below for that specific platform approach application.) NOTE: If you have a seriously overgassed .308 Carbine which has the deeper AR-10 platform receiver extension tube running an H3 buffer firing 175 Gr. Projectiles and / or suppressed, many shooters have experienced success using the “ORANGE” spring, as it is still heavier than a “RED” spring in that application.

  • “ORANGE Spring” The ONLY specifically engineered EXTRA POWER Buffer Spring for .308 Carbine Platforms using standard 7″ Depth M4 extension tubes and .308 short 2.5″ buffers (Including aftermarket “heavy buffers.”) You cannot clip coils from any other commercially available buffer spring to yield the proper spring loads for this application, especially in heavily gassed .308 carbine platforms. We started from scratch on this design to provide Operators with a viable alternative to existing OEM and aftermarket offerings. Platforms known to exist using this approach include DPMS, Bushmaster (Post 2010), Remington, CMMG, Mega, SA Defense, Colt 901, Rock River Arms and many others. Color Coded ORANGE.

  • “GREEN Spring” In addition to use in 5.56 Fixed Stock Rifles, our “GREEN Spring” is just the ticket for use in the VLTOR A-5 Stock System using their appropriate weight buffer for maximum versatility in tuning almost any upper configuration, running both with or without a “can”. Color Coded GREEN.

  • Buffer is inserted into color coded end of spring for fast I.D. of installed spring by Operator.

  • If unsure which spring you should order, please call Tech Support at 866.515.AR15 (2715) and we’ll be happy to assist you by sharing the best known “recipes” to date for the Armament LARB recoil buffer and  your specific builds, but it’s to your benefit to have already fired the upper and have established and verified a baseline ejection trajectory from 1:00o’clock to 4:00 o’clock.

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This is the MOD2 LARB recoil buffer paired with a SprinCo recoil spring. An EXTREMELY effective recoil management system at a package discount!

This package includes:

1. Armament LARB 4oz heavy recoil buffer

1. SprinCo recoil spring (can choose any avaible spring rate)

1. Armament PVC velcro patch

1. Armament sticker

1. Extremely soft, flat shooting AR15!


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