Barrel threading services



Rifle barrel threading services.
We offer custom lathe and mill work, including barrel threading in all standard, common use thread sizes. Barrel threading starts at $75.00, plus shipping for a stripped barrel. We use a special method to thread barrels that specifically leaves a washer/shim ledge at the base of the threads. This is done specifically to keep crush washers and centered and to prevent crush washers from getting stuck on the threads (if you’ve ever had this happen you know how frustrating and difficult it is to remove them!). This shoulder is also specifically used to keep muzzle shims centered for suppressor muzzle device use. You CANNOT correctly shim a suppressor muzzle device without keeping the shims co-centric and aligned with the threads. This is why we thread barrels this way. All barrel threads are single point thread cut to industry standard, ASME/ANSI, UNF-2A specs. All barrels are set up and aligned to .0005 TIR or less, using the industry standard GD&T, concentric bore datum feature callouts. This means all our threads are aligned to 5 tenths (that’s half a thousandth of an inch!) of an inch or less to the barrels bore centerline, NOT the outside diameter of the barrel. The thread shoulder is also cut in the same operation, this means the thread shoulder and shim alignment surface is within the same perpendicular tolerance to the bore centerline. Both these features are extremely important for muzzle device alignment for safe and effective suppressor use. Contact us for specific needs and shipping, typically threading time is 1-3 weeks.


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